Vicki & Jonny’s Christmas Special
Wednesday 22nd December at 7pm
in YouTube

Welcome to our Christmas Special Concert in YouTube. You’ll find the details of the concert  on this page! We are making it by donation – so just send us what you think you can afford by any method you like. We have made a special button on our shop site, but you can also use our normal PayPal button.

This year we are hoping to go out to Sweden to visit family for the first time since the pandemic hit. So instead of a Zoom concert, we are planning a YouTube Christmas special on the 22nd December at 7pm UK time. Access to this concert is by donation.

This week we completed the filming and recording here at home. Just as we wrapped we were greeted by the news of the Omicron Variant. At this moment in time we are still watching the news and keeping our fingers crossed that we can still get out to Sweden, but things are not looking too good at the moment. There will definitely be a Christmas YouTube Special – but right now we don’t know how it will end!

Whatever it looks like – we’ll be watching along with the audience and be in the chat room along with everyone.

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