farewell to the astra

The Pipe tradition is very much based around people listening and learning by ear. So this page is for people who are audio listeners.
This is the simplest audio site I can make. Part A and Part B, taken apart into small managable chunks.
Doesn't look too inpsiring though!

Click on the numbers, these are the file size. They are just mp3's and will open up in a new window.

I have recorded the tune and split it up into two bar phrases, so you get 4 clips per part.
I have played them once and then repeated them so you can get to grips with each section.

Complete Tune:
About the Tune:

A Part - 1st quarter

A Part - 2nd quarter
A Part - 3rd quarter
A Part - 4th quarter
A Part - 1st half
A Part - 2nd half
A Part - whole

B Part - 1st quarter

B Part - 2nd quarter
B Part - 3rd quarter
B Part - 4th quarter
B Part - 1st half
B Part - 2nd half
B Part - whole