the golden birch

The Pipe tradition is very much based around people listening and learning by ear. However, whenever I try to learn a tune by ear, my eyes are usually fixed firmly on the tutors fingers!

These are all videos of my fingers. So all you need to do is to click on the numbers below and it should bring up a movie in a new window. You will need quicktime.

I have compressed them as much as I can, but they are still fairly large, so best if you have broadband, sorry! I will send this to people though if you'd like!! Still doesn't look great!

Complete Tune:
About the Tune:

A Part - 1st quarter

A Part - 2nd quarter
A Part - 3rd quarter
A Part - 4th quarter
A Part - 1st half
A Part - 2nd half
A Part - whole

B Part - 1st quarter

B Part - 2nd quarter
B Part - 3rd quarter
B Part - 4th quarter
B Part - 1st half
B Part - 2nd half
B Part - whole