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Winter in Jokkmokk, northern Sweden

Tune Bank - Allspel.

Here we have a list of the common tunes that we pull our repertoire from. We also use tunes from two other books that Vicki has edited and sells:

• Scandinavian Fiddle Tunes

• 24 Tunes in the Swedish Style

Links to buy these two books are on the right....


Our Tunes

Allspel Play List
Polska (triplet)
Polska efter Båtsman Däck

Triplet polskas technically could be written out with a 9/8 key signature. The rhythm is swung with a triplet feel, not unlike in jazz. Often the first note is also played early (called anticipation), this isn't always written in. The strong beats fall on the first and third beat - they are not waltzes, this is really important! The Lars Åhs and Carl Magnusson aren't played in the same key. The soundcloud clip is both Shoemaker and The Cave in Am.

C i G  
Polska efter Lars Åhs (BP-G)  
Kökpiparens Polska    
Gruvan (The Cave) (in Gm)  
Polska e. Olof Tillman    
Polska (semi-quaver)
Polska från Tärnsjö   Played as written. Vasaloppet is in our key on soundcloud
Byss Calle Nr. 25  
Byss Calle Nr. 32  
Polska efter Anders Liljefors den äldre  
Polska (other)
Røros Polska (BP-G)   The Røros youtube video isn't in the same key. :)
The Finskog video is rather on the suspect side, but it gives you an idea!
Tideswell Finskog  
Farmors Brudpolska  
Björn Ståbi Schottis    
Stures Schottis    
Schottis från Lima  
Gärdebylåten   The gånglåt (or walking tune, pronounced, gong lort) is usually played as written, not too fast, not too slow. Sometimes the parts are played through 4 times depending on how they're written out.
Äppelbo gånglåt  
Gånglåt från Mockfjärd  
Emma från Finland    
Josefins Dopvals  
Uti Gröna Lunden      
Långdans från Sollerön (BP-G)    
Karoliner Marschen    
Skomakaren (The Shoemaker) (in Gm)   The soundcloud clip is both Shoemaker and The Cave in Am.
Flickorna Svensson