British Session Tunes for Nyckelharpa

UKNH0160 tunes, complete with suggested fingerings and double stops for the standard 3-row nyckelharpa. This book is the perfect addition to any nyckelharpa player’s bottom drawer of tunes.

A range of sources have been used, Playford, standard English session tunes and the odd self penned number. These tunes are arranged so that they can easily be played on any nyckelharpa, but both the suggested fingerings and double stoppings are for the standard C tuned, 3-row chromatic nyckelharpa.

Although this book hasn’t been compiled as a teaching material any learner would find it a useful resource. It is arranged into sections, the first section contains tunes that don’t require the player to move their hand out of first position whilst the second section goes higher up the instrument. Suggested fingerings are strewn liberally throughout this section to help the player progress through these harder tunes. They get harder as you go through the book in a progressive way to help the player increase their comfort zone and get into the ‘dusty area’. Some of the earlier tunes have had their keys have been changed to make for a fun playing experience.

Tunes include: Watkyn’s Ale, Wilson’s Wilde, Maiden Lane, Rufty Tufty, Scots Branle, Quarter Brawles, Old Tom of Oxford, Bishop of Chesters jig, Shepherds Hey, Old Mole, Picking of Sticks, Sellengers Round, Branle Gay Nouveau, Argiers, All in a Garden Green, Mount Hills, Horses Brawl, Pulchanello’s Hornpipe, Italian Rant, Childegrove, Cedar Fence, Iste Vista, Norrahammarsvägen, Angarrick, Little Pard, Staines Morris, Singi Sunset, Bear Dance, Peg Ryan’s, Three-Legged Rant, Nobody’s Jig, Mundesse, Barham Down, Red House, Fika Valsen, Hunt the Squirrel, Skön Åsa, Three Around Three, The Cotillion, Winster Gallop, Princess Royal, Maggie in the Wood, Oyster Girl, Maggie Morrisey, Soldier’s Joy, Teetoallers Reel, Speed the Plough, Morpeth Rant, Double Dealer, Off to California, Old Bachelor, Plancty Fanny Power, Planxty Irwin, Downfall of the Gin, Scartaglen Polka, Keel Row, Pope Joan, Durham Rangers, Rakes of Mallow, High Level Hornpipe

60 låtar från Storbritannien för nyckelharpa. Den här boken är perfekt för alla nyckelharpa spelare runt om i världen som vill öka sin repertoar.

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