Fancy Singing our Songs?


Here are the words for some of our songs, we’ll add them as they’re asked for.
They’re pdfs, so should download to your computer nice and easily.  You may need to right click and save to disk.

ScatterPipes (2005)
Trooper and the Maid (Lyrics Trad, Music – Jonny Dyer

Follow Me Home (Lyrics & Music – Jonny Dyer)
The Roses Three (Lyrics & Music Trad – Translated Vicki Swan, Set Jonny Dyer)

Stones on the Ground (2011)
Billy Boy (Lyrics Trad, Music – Jonny Dyer)
Broken Token
(Lyrics Trad, Music – Jonny Dyer)

Red House (2013)
The Proposal (Lyrics Trad, Music  – Jonny Dyer)

Paper of Pins (2016)
All Hail (Lyrics & Music – Jonny Dyer)
Friends (Lyrics & Music – Jonny Dyer)
Paper of Pins (Lyrics Trad. arr Jonny Dyer, Music – Jonny Dyer)

We’re working on a book: Like the compositions? Watch this space!

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