Online Streamed Concerts

We are now fully kitted up to provide online gigs our lounge converts between green screen for YouTube videos and a Livestream film studio. Watch our transformation for our full length Zoom gig for Oxford Folk Weekend. We use a full rig of PA and lightening to give a professional studio sound and depending on numbers in a concert we use a technician to mix us live.

We are set up to use FaceBook Live – but we have made the decision not to do full concert streams to this platform for free. We know that the  image quality is slightly better and there is more ‘passing trade’ but we have decided that we want to keep our music at a premium and behind a paywall. We will do half hour show case slots to FaceBook.

Our preferred medium is Zoom because it has a better audience experience and community feel (we can host concerts up to 100 people in Zoom). Get in touch! Using YouTube we can film personalised bespoke concerts with backgrounds to personal to a club/festival. We can also livestream to YouTube using unlisted links so that the event can be private.

We are also very happy to stream concerts at any timezone around the world. We really mean any – West Coast USA 8pm concert? We’re very happy to stream at 4am our time!

We can also run workshops, masterclasses and give private lessons in Zoom.

Sample of the quality we sent out to Zoom:

Sound check, direct stream: (jump to 3 minutes 3 seconds)

Video created for Chester Folk Weekend

Click here to go to the download page for the Zoom client.