Vicki runs the ‘Harpas at Halsway, Nyckelharpa Festival, now in its fifth year at Halsway Manor. Click here for details.

Ongoing group and festival Workshops:

Here is a list of workshops that we run – anytime, anyplace – but usually at festivals.

Nyckelharpa Workshops
Come and have a go on the wonderful Swedish nyckelharpa. Find out a little more about how they work, about their history and then have a go on one. In this taster workshop four instruments are provided and everyone who comes along will learn a simple tune.  For more details visit Vicki’s nyckelharpa website.

Swedish Tunes for English Border Pipes in G
The English Border pipes have had a real surgence in popularity and they are perfect for playing Swedish Bagpipe tunes. Workshop led by Vicki on Swayne pipes in G. (any instrument with the notes G A B Bb C D Eb E F F# G can attend this workshop)

Border Pipes
New tunes and technique for the English Border Pipes in G. (Can also include elements of Swedish tunes)

Learn Swedish Tunes
Augment your repertoire with some Swedish folk tunes, Vicki on nyckelharpa and Jonny on accordion. A good place to start are the Scandinavian Tune books, authored by Vicki & Jonny for Schott Music Publishing.

Tune writing in a traditional style
Looking at techniques for creating original tunes:
(requires basic ability to read and write music)
Paper and pencils are provided, but participants are requested to bring instruments (any). By the end of the workshop each person should have created their own “festival tune”.

Guitar accompaniment for tunes
Looking at developing accompaniment skills: (intermediate – advanced)
Looking at the relationship between the guitar and the tune; this workshops looks at ways to put emphasis on some parts of the tune, to compliment and reflect others. Aimed primarily at guitarists, the principles can be applied to any accompanying instrument.

Developing chords for guitarists
Looking at alternative chords and key: (beginner – intermediate)
Taking a tune, explore how some chords fit better than others and how to make your own chords up to fit. Using a background of Jazz playing to explore alternative fingers for the same chord – and alternative chords for the same tune.

Beginner – Advanced
General workshop on technique and repertoire, boehm system or traditional 6 hole flute can be catered for. Including grace notes for the classical flute.

Scottish Smallpipes
One or more progressive workshops
Introduction for Beginner
This workshop is to introduce the Scottish Smallpipes. Questions can be answered and tunes played. A couple of sets are available to try out.

Scottish Smallpipes
Grace note surgery: Improving musicality and performance using grace notes. (Advanced)
Grace notes are a very powerful tool that pipers can use to good effect, this workshop aims to strengthen and improve grace notes.

Any standard
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Vicki’s Masters level research includes online bagpipe teaching and online sessions, visit the masters website