Social Dance Tracks

We have started working on recording ‘standard’ social dance tracks that are ‘freely’ available to anyone who wants to practice the dance moves or just listen.

The plan is:-
– to record fairly short versions – enough repeats to go through the dance but not necessarily the number we’d do live.
– to record simply for ease of listening and recording
– to continue to record – adding to this list – both ideas of our own, but also any requests that you care to make.  Just get in touch!

Finally.  We are making this freely available – but please do donate if you can and if you think this resource is useful.

To download the tracks right click on the track you want and choose download to disk. (We use Mac – so hope it’s the same on a PC!)


Other Info

  1. Barham Down. AABB. (8,8,8,8) x5.
  2. Emperor Of The Moon. AABB (8,8,8,8) x7
  3. Fentalarick.  AAB (8,8,16).
  4. Gold for the Mahieus X3
  5. Gold for the Mahieus X6 (twice through the dance)
  6. Impertinence
  7. Mary K
  8. Mr Beveridge’s Maggot
  9. Mr Isaac’s Maggot
  10. Newcastle
  11. Red House
  12. Sapphire Sea
  13. Siege of Limerick
  14. St Margaret’s Hill
  15. The Star of Kintra
  16. Well Hall
  17. Stingo
  18. Waltz: “One for Diana” 128bpm
  19. Air from The Double Dealer x6
  20. Bonnie At Morn x6
  21. Monterey Ploughman x6
  22. Waltz: Viggo’s Vaggvisa (tune by Vicki)
  23. The Drummer
  24. The Ash Grove
  25. The Sunlight Room (Dance: Sweet Cream)
  26. Moonflower
  27. Cold Weather Waltz
  28. Statoca House (tune by Jonny)
  29. Ernie’s Magic Moondust (tune by Jonny)
  30. Hedingham Green (tune by Jonny)

Every so often we are asked to create danceable videos for callers to use.
Here’s a list of them! We’ll keep adding!

Anastasia – 7x48bar Jig

Lightening the Load – 7 x 32 bar Reel