We Play for Dance!

Face to Face or on Zoom!
Playford • Social Dance • Ceilidh • Contra • Barn Dance • Swedish
We have albums of Playford and Contra dance music (both danceable).

We love playing for all sorts of dancers, from beginners, to experienced Playford, weddings, parties, festivals. In person or on Zoom! We can turn a dance pad around very quickly if you need or want a band. If you’ve used recorded music – it’s simple.  We do all the hard set up for live music!

We are also creating a resource of Social Dance music – downloadable danceable tracks. They’re free – but would appreciate a donation. Feel free to request a track!

In Zoom!


Purcell’s Polyphonic Party – Playford

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Bonnie at Morn Quixo Reel Fantasy Contra