Bonnie at Morn – Dance Guide Page

We did it!
We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the Bonnie at Morn dance video.  The instructions below are what we did.

Step One: Learn The Dance
The video below will take you through the dance. There are two walk throughs and the the dance.

Step Two: Film Yourself doing the dance. (Much like Gerald is doing in the video above)
Here is the dance on its own without the walkthroughs.

Alternative Step Two: using Zoom to film
You can actually film yourself using Zoom. The quality isn’t brilliant – but if it’s all you have, then it’s absolutely fine! I’ve made a guide to show you how to do this and how easy it is. Don’t worry about editing, I’ll take care of all of that!

Step Three: Send me the video file!
The files will be too big to email, so use a file transfer website, dropbox or google drive.
I like to use send it to smallpiper[a]
(Take out the [a] and replace it with @ )
There are other companies – so just use whatever one you are used to!