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Fancy Playing our Tunes?

We have written a lot of tunes over the years we’ve been playing as musicians! We created a pdf book of all the tunes from the first seven albums and put them into different keys for different instruments. It’s time to update this and add the last three albums, so watch this space as we add them!

We’ve produced a book of all the tunes that we play. We’re giving it to you for free, but if you enjoy the book and our tunes, we’d really appreciate it if you’d donate some money so that we can keep making music! We’ve arranged them in album order and in the key that they were recorded in. Other options are going to be made available, so if you play the melodeon or whistle, then keep your eyes open!  We have a random dots page for un-recorded music.

We’ve still got some of the words on our words page. You can listen to some of the clips on our listen page, some are on our watch page and they’re all for sale on the albums!

We’ve made five versions of the book so far, they’re listed

• Album Pitch below contains all 89 of our recorded tunes written out at at the pitch they were recorded at and in album order. • Bagpipe Book is the Highland fingered bagpipe playable tunes written out in A. They are the same book, just written out differently. • Borderpipe Book is written out for bagpipes playing in G. • Bagpipe D is written out for people who play reading bagpipes in D. • Whistle/Melodeon has the tunes written out in D, G, E minor or A minor. There are still some accidentals that are unavoidable, but probably unplayable, but this is as close as we can get. If you have any suggestions to improve a key, let us know and we’ll update!

If you have an idea for a different clef or instrument then drop us a line (nyckelharpa is probably next). For example viola or bass clef – any takers? Drop us a line and we’ll get working! 🙂 If you’d like us to post you a printed copy, get in touch and we can talk prices.

Red House (2013) &
Paper of Pins (2015)
Twelve Months
& A Day (2019)
Visit the webpage to find the dots. Videos of all the tunes being played slowly are being added daily over Easter!

The PDFs below include all the music for the albums:
On the Mash • Tig! • Thumb Twiddling • ScatterPipes
SlipTease • Gleowien • Stones on the Ground
Album Pitch
All 89 recorded tunes at album pitch.
Click to Download
Whistle/Melodeon Book
All 89 tunes witten in D whistle / D/G melodeon keys
Click to Download
Bagpipe Book
62 bagpipe playable tunes witten in Bagpipe A,
Click to Download
Borderpipe in G
62 bagpipe playable
tunes witten for G pipes
Click to Download
Bagpipe in D
62 bagpipe playable tunes witten in D,
Click to Download

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