The Northman

We’re not quite sure where May got to! It was March just yesterday! May has been very exciting! We finally got to see The Northman – exciting because this was a lockdown project we spent a lot of time on! We were involved in the project from the very beginning and were the last ones to record at Air Studios. It was a really large part of our lockdown lives and it’s quite emotional to finally see the fruits of our labour! We are liberally sprinkled over the whole sound track! We played pretty much the whole range of instruments we have! But you’ll definitely hear the pipes on To The Games and the bone flute on the End Credits! It was an amazing project to be involved with and if you watch it – stay through the credits and you’ll see us!

A Busy April on the road!

The year is piling through and April is super busy! We finish our two week stint at Halsway Manor, followed by a quick trip up to Scotland. We then finish the first half of the month with two Zoom dances for Symmetry.

We’re excited to be working for English Heritage over St George’s Day. Jonny has been busy creating a wonderful soundtrack for the pageant. You’ll have to go along to find out more! At the same time it’s World Nyckelharpa Day – so keep a eye out on social media for all the videos going out! Then we finish the month for May Hey Days playing as Purcell’s Polyphonic Party. It’s certainly all hands to the pump this month!
Vicki & Jonny

01.04.22 – Halsway Playford Assembly, Halsway Manor  as PPP
05.04.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
08.04.22 – Stonehaven Folk Club, Stonehaven, Scotland
11.04.22 – Stirling Folk Club, Stirling, Scotland
17.04.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
23.04.22 – Wrest Park being medieval for English Heritage
24.04.22 – Wrest Park being medieval for English Heritage
24.04.22 – World Nyckelharpa Day, Global!
25.4.22 – Warwick Folk Club, Warwick
30.04.22 – May Hey Days, Evesham, Worcestershire  as PPP

March 22 News – where can you find us?

It seems like we’re back hitting the road again. March is nice and busy, a bit of online and a lot of away from home! Come and see us where ever you are in the world?
Vicki & Jonny

01.03.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
05.03.22 –  All Hands In – Atlanta Distdans (midnight Saturday night UK time)
11.03.22 – Unicorn Ceilidh, Baldock, Herts
13.03.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
19-20.03.22 – Cheltenham Playford Ball, Cheltenham
21-25.03.22 – Scandinavian Accordion Tunes Week, Halsway Manor
21-25.03.22 – Halsway Nyckelharpa Week, Halsway Manor
25-27.03.22 – Halsway Nyckelharpa Spring Weekend, Halsway Manor
28.03-01.04.22 – Halsway Walking and Dancing Week, Halsway Manor
01.04.22 – Halsway Playford Assembly, Halsway Manor  as PPP

February Gigs!

We have gigs in February! Folk clubs, real dances, zoom dances! Come and see us!!

01.02.22 – John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, Suffolk
04.02.22 – Contra Dance for Alcester Contra
06.02.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
11.02.22 – Woodman Folk Club, Kingswinford, DY6 0AQ
15.02.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
21.02.22 – Colchester Folk Club, Colchester, Essex
26.02.22 – Contra Dance for IVFDF

Vicki & Jonny

Join our Burns Night Celebration

We are so excited to be doing our Burns Night celebration for Live To Your Living Room in a couple of weeks! Just like last year we’ll be piping in the haggis, addressing the haggis, having a dance and singing Burns songs. We’ll throw in a bunch of Scottish songs and pipe tunes too. We’re really looking forward to it!

Tickets are available from Live to Your Living Room. Book now to avoid disappointment – although, it’s an online gig a very large capacity, so it’s not likely to sell out!

We also have these gigs coming up, so it’s a busy old time!
20.01.22 – Orpington Folk Club, Kent
25.01.22Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
01.02.22 – John Peel Centre, (Our more Swedish set)  Stowmarket, Suffolk
04.02.22 – Contra Dance for Alcester Contra
06.02.22 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)

We made a little Spotify playlist to get you in the mood – it’s at the bottom of the page.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

After a very busy December we’ve got a few days breather before we start again in the New Year! It’s not too late to catch some of our Christmassy offerings as we have HD catch up for some of them! Click the links below for access to the concerts.

Vicki & Jonny’s Christmas Zoom Concert 2021
Christmas Carol Concert in Zoom 2020
Vicki & Jonny’s Mid-winter Warmer 2020

We’re playing for Atlanta Distdance on New Year’s Day – so if you want to dance come along!

Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year!
Vicki & Jonny

Vicki & Jonny’s Christmas Zoom Concert Original Advert:

Carol Concert Original Advert:

Midwinter Warmer Original Advert:

It’s December!

What an autumn we’ve had! It’s been very crazy and now we’re here in December! So where can you see us? We decided that we weren’t going to do a face-to-face tour – so we’ve got a little mix of online and real life.

The biggest thing is following Vicki’s advent calendar over on YouTube. Everyday from the 1st-24th Vicki is releasing a new duet. It’s mostly about nyckelharpas, but other instrumental versions are available.

We’re at Worcester Victorian Christmas Market for four days. Mostly playing between 11am and 4pm each day outside the Cardinal’s Hat.

We’re playing for Symmetry as usual and we’ll try to sneak in some Christmas for each dance! If you like to play along Vicki always releases the music onto her Virtual Music Room.

We’re playing for Deal Folk Club in Zoom, Ely Folk Club in real life and then we are doing a Christmas Special Video on YouTube. We had big plans for this video. We film the music here in Studio 2 and add footage on location from Sweden where we hoped to be spending Christmas with family we’ve not seen for two and a half years. It now seems likely this plan might have to change, we’re keeping an eye on the news.

01.12.21 – Vicki’s Duet Advent Calendar goes live!
02-05.12.21 – Worcester Victorian Fayre – Cardinals Hat Stage
07.12.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
10.12.21 – Deal Folk Club, Zoom Event
12.12.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
14.12.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
15.12.21 – Ely Folk Club, Cambs
22.12.21 – Our Big Christmas YouTube Concert! 7pm in YouTube

Hope to see you somewhere Face-to-Face or online!
Vicki & Jonny

Whitby@Home 2021

We can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since the last Whitby@Home. Of course we were looking forward to being able to go to Whitby Folk Week in person – but alas. Another year online it is! We have a packed schedule! So where can you find us?

Saturday 21st August
8pm-9pm – Welcome Ceilidh in Zoom caller Bob Morgan
Entry is by donation and you can register to get the link here.
If you want to play along we have published the tune list on Vicki’s teaching website.

Sunday 22nd August
3pm-4pmYouTube concert with Jim Mageean & Graeme Knights. MC Derek Schofield
This is a pre-recorded YouTube concert and will be available after the event, but if you want to come along at the time that would be brilliant. Due to the wonders of  the internet, Vicki will actually be doing some recording work for a secret project at the time!

Tuesday 24th August
8am-8.20am  – A Musical Warmup on Youtube with Vicki & Vicki
You’ll need either a beanbag, or balled up socks and a bouncy ball! (But not lycra!)

Wednesday 25th August
2pm-3pmNyckelharpa Swedish Tunes Workshop for any instrument, Zoom
It’s a nyckelharpa workshop – but the tunes chosen will be suitable for instruments such as the  simple system wooden flute or D/G melodeon. A pdf of the tunes is available from Vicki’s teaching site.

Thursday 26th August
8am-8.30amA Nyckelharpa Warm Up on YouTube with Vicki
You’ll need an instrument for this one. Done with the nyckelharpa – but suitable for any instrument!

12pm-1pm Contra Tunes in Zoom with Vicki & Jonny in Zoom
Listed as a nyckelharpa workshop, there will be nyckelharpa goodness – but it’s suitable for any vaguely chromatic instrument. (ie there is a good chance of Bbs and F naturals). A pdf of the tunes is available from Vicki’s teaching site.

We hope to see you sometime in the week!
Vicki & Jonny

August News

It’s August! This is getting to be a bit of a theme. The months seem to go past very quickly these days. We had expected a quieter July and August, but it’s not turned out that way. A few things have come our way, some we can talk about and some not! We have a few Zoom dances this month.
Symmetry, Atlanta and Whitby@Home. We love all the Zoom dances – so do come along as always we will upload the dots to the tunes that we’ll be playing!
03.08.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
09.08.21 – Atlanta Distdance Zoom Dance (midnight UK time)
21.08.21 – Whitby @ Home Folk Week – Opening Zoom ceilidh
22.08.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)

We have already pre-recorded our Zoom concert for Whitby@Home which will be aired at some point in the week. Vicki is doing a nyckelharpa concert and is going to be filming a couple of warmup videos to give your brain a musical workout. (Don’t worry – she won’t be wearing lycra for them!) We always love working with Bob Morgan for dances, Zoom or in person! We’ve now had two in person dances and they were such fun to play for!

At the last minute we are stepping in to help two colleagues and donning our medieval costumes and heading down to Dover Castle for two days over the 14th and 15th. So if you’re looking for a grand day out and find yourselves in the South East – come on down and make sure you say hello!

At the same time we’ve been fitting in recording work. We’ve recorded some special tracks for a week of CDSS choreography workshops with Scott Higgs. We’re hoping we’ll get to see the outcome of these workshops! All other recording work is strictly under wraps – but we’ll give information on that in the fullness of time!

We hope you’re all staying safe and well and hope that the trend of face to face starting up again continues!
See you all soon!
Vicki & Jonny

It’s July!

It’s July and time for me to write a new update! Time is flying – I always mean to do this at the start of the month. July started off in a frantic last minute fashion! Vicki went off to Warwick Castle for a banquet whilst Jonny went down to Halsway Manor to teach accordion. At the same time Vicki became involved in a project, details of which will come out in due course – but it has meant that our plans for a Zoom gig have been put on hold for a little while. We’re aware we’ve done a lot of dancing the last twelve months and we want to do another concert of our own. It’s coming though!

Our focus for the next week is playing for the Valhalla Viking Festival down in Basingstoke. We’re looking forward to it and we’re busy learning a few new songs that we think will go down really well! We’ll keep them under our hats until the weekend. We’re taking our covid precautions very seriously (in part due to Vicki’s ongoing work). So we will continue to be masked and distanced for the foreseeable.

So where can you see us?
06.07.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
13.07.21 – Quarter Acoustic Music Club – in Zoom
16-18.07.21 – Valhalla Viking Festival – Basingstoke
18.07.21 – Vicki & Jonny’s YouTube Session
25.07.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
26.07.21 – Zoom Dance in the USA (details tbc, midnight UK time)
31.07.21 – Vicki & Jonny’s YouTube Session

Hope to see you either online or maybe in Valhalla!
Vicki & Jonny

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