Sleep Deprivation 2020

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Twelve Months & A Day 2019

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An Invitation to Dance 2017

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Paper of Pins 2016

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The Whispering Road – 2015

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer combine with the mighty storyteller Nick Hennessey in an epic Swedish/Norwegian story.

A Sound of Christmas Past – 2014

Our Christmas album! We released a Christmas single in 2013 and then followed up with the Christmas album in 2014. Visit the Christmas page for more details!

Red House – 2013

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For more details see the Red House page.

Track Listing:

Rambling Shuiler
The Sheffield Apprentice
Red House
The Proposal
Trad III
The Private Still
The Old Bark Hut

Stones on the Ground – 2011

Watch the Video Diary.
Sold Out

Track Listing:

Billy Boy / Nancy’s Fancy
Viggo’s Vaggvisa / Dancing Out
Broken Token
Emily’s Waltz / Gilwilly
En Gång / The Singi Sunset
Button Oak / The Polecat
Herr Hillebrand and Proud Lean
Lord Randall
The Cedar Fence / The Three Legged Rant
The Oxford and ‘Ampton Railway / The Broken Spike

Gleowien – 2009 (sold out)

Sliptease – 2007 (sold out)

Track Listing:

Spencer the Rover
Sliptease Set
Lavender’s Blue
The Cribbage Set
The Two Magicians
The Podcast Set
Sweet Lovely Joan
Logan Rock
Sweet Polly Oliver
Tystnaden i Regnet
Young Hunting

Scatter Pipes – 2005 (sold out)

Twiddle On

A mix of the tunes from Thumb Twiddling and on the mash.  When we sold out of Thumb Twiddling we made this compilation  It’s available as a digital download from CDbaby and iTunes.

Back Catalogue – unavailable

Gleowiencover SlipTeaseCover
wgs324cd wfm020925 wfm000721

Stones on the Ground – 2011 – more folkie stuff
2009 equal songs and tunes
 – 2005 – mostly tunes, some songs
Thumbtwiddling  – 2002 – all tunes
on the mash – 2000, seriouskitchen album

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