Nyckelharpa Links
The UK Nyckelharpa Project For people who are interested in learning the Nyckelharpa 
American Nyckelharpa Association 
lots of useful resources
Peter Hedlund nyckelharpa guru
Eric Sahlström Institute where to go in Sweden to learn the nyckelharpa
Cadence nyckelharpa research in Europe

Bagpipe Links
LBPS The Lowland and Border Pipers Society – Highland style Bellowspipers
Bagpipe Society French style, mouth blown and bellows
Richard Evans The guy who made the pipes that Vicki teaches with
Olle Gällmo Swedish bagpipe guru
Alban Faust Swedish bagpipe maker
Börs Anders makes pipes, cowhorns and other cool stuff
Sean Jones another fine bagpipe maker in England
Scottish Smallpipe Tutor (ok Vicki wrote this)

People we Like Links
Cloudstreet great friends and awesome singers from Oz that leave random things in our house
Blast from the Past our medieval friends that we’re proud to work with
Nick Hennessey great singer and story teller and fellow seriouskitchener
George Papavgeris we play as George’s Los Marbles
Wildgoose Studio our record label and great friend Doug Bailey
One Big Idea – the guy that does our artwork

Local Links
EFN the magazine for Essex Folkies
Colchester Folk Club our local folk club
High Barn Folk Club our next closest folk club
Swan’s Second Sunday Scandi Session at the Swan our local Scandi Session (run by Vicki)

Random Links
Celtic Music News A Celtic Music Podcast
Folk and Roots A guide to the folk and acoustic scene in the UK
Kopular – Musicians wanted classified adds

The Archers
 The place to go if you missed an episode!
Folk Alley
 An American based 24/7 internet radio station
Verity Sharpe BBC radio 3 – Late Junction (eclectic mix of world folk and classical) 
Genevieve Tudor 
BBC radio Shropshire – Sunday Folk (listen live then listen again)
Johnny Coppin BBC radio Gloucestershire – Folk Roots (listen live then listen again)
Tim Moon – BCB 106.6fm
BBC radio List of folk shows