Day 13 – Happy Halloween!

Day 13 is upon us and it’s Halloween! Spooky stuff might happen in tonights gig, let’s hope it’s not forgotten words!

We started our travels this month in Wiltshire and popped in for coffee and lunch at Pound Arts in Corsham. It made perfect sense as we’re at The Acoustic Oak in Corsham tonight to come back for lunch again. I had the most exquisite brie and cranberry toastie, it didn’t touch the sides as it went down!

The Baring-Gould Festival in Okehampton was lovely. We didn’t get blown away in the storm, our host’s garden umbrella was still standing the following morning. We have had reports from home though that we have lost a fence panel. Could have been worse! I’m not sure who the gentleman in the photograph is, but he’s a full size statue standing proud on a wall. We couldn’t figure out who he was, but he’s very impressive looking. I had great fun playing with the festival orchestra. The nyckelharpa showed her amazing qualities yet again by managing to be heard above the orchestra, she really is an incredible instrument! Β We met lots of wonderful new friends and had a really great

Jonny shoes managed to finally give up the ghost and so once we got to Totnes we had to go shoe shopping. The old shoes were ceremoniously dumped in a bin outside Habertonford Church. Wednesday was also the broadcast of the European Nyckelharpa Orchestra radio programme. Although we couldn’t listen live we announced it from the stage, not that anyone in the audience could listen live either. We’ve since heard it and was fun to listen to Vicki’s piece being played again and the interview – although it was dubbed into German, so we can only really imagine what was said. (The usual ramble!)

The end of the tour is rapidly approaching, after Corsham we head off to the Nyckelharpas at Halsway weekend. There are six nyckelharpas stashed away in a secret cupboard. Two have been sent over by the amazing Olle Plahn. They’ve been waiting patiently for a week now at Halsway to be unwrapped and checked over. We are hoping that they’ve made it over here in one piece. <crossed fingers>.

Our final update will be soon. (Maybe I’ll get Jonny to write the last blog post of the tour!)
Vicki & Jonny