Hearts Eyes and Other Tales – Online in Zoom

We present the Zoom tour of our new show:
Hearts Eyes and other tales
of the amazing keyed-fiddle

A nyckelharpa centric evening with an insight into history and tales never heard before. Learn about the keyed fiddle in Italy in 1408, the Schlüsselfidel in Germany in 1620, the kontrabasharpa and silverbasharpa from 17th and 18th century Sweden and of course the mighty modern 3-row chromatic, the button fiddle and the immense oktavharpa. Songs, stories and tunes!

We performed this as a Zoom tour in October 2020 and although the set is currently struck – we are ready, willing and able to build it again to perform!

This is available to book as a talk – perfect for U3As!

This was also the official CD launch of Hearts Eyes the Praetorius album: