I am doing a “Tech Run” of my Nyckelharpa show. The whole show has been a major undertaking and I really want to make sure that all the technical details are working and running ok and that I can set the show up single handed!

The audience is going to be small! Quite possibly only around 6! But this is enough to give me the pressure I need to show where the cracks might be! (Although I think I already know where they are!)

So, expect the unexpected. It’s not a proper concert, so there won’t be any refreshments (unless Jonny has had time to bake).
I’m going to film the show and may need to re-start sections. I have no idea how the long the show is. It’s supposed to be around an hour. But could be anything up to 1 hour 20 minutes long with no interval.

Kick off is 7:30pm, so turn up sometime before that.
St Barnabas Church, Claude Ince Avenue, Tye Green, Cressing, CM77 8HL