An Invitation to Dance – 2017

Vicki and Jonny have teamed up with John Dipper to create the group called Purcell’s Polyphonic Party and have recorded an album.

This is an album of music from John Playford’s English Dancing Master and contemporaries.  You can choose to put the album on just to listen and enjoy, but crucially, each track can be danced to. Repetitions and speeds have all been meticulously researched and included in the sleeve notes. So if you dance any sort of Playford, this is your Invitation to Dance.

  1. Dick’s Maggot (H. Playford 1702)
  2. Jacob Hall’s Jig (H. Playford 1695)
  3. A Trip To Paris (H. Playford 1728)
  4. Emperor Of The Moon (J. Playford 1688)
  5. Maiden Lane (J. Playford 1651 / J. Dyer)
  6. Kelsterne Gardens (H. Playford c. 1727)
  7. Hare’s Maggot (H. Playford 1701 / J. Dipper)
  8. Terpsichore (“La Bouree”, M Praetorius 1605 or 1612)
  9. Mount Hills (J, Playford 1721 / J.Dyer)
  10. St Margaret’s Hill (H. Playford 1713)
  11. Softly Good Tummas (Kynaston 1728)
  12. Upon A Summer’s Day (J. Playford 1721)