Gleowien – 2009

Gleowien – 2009

Our first album featuring the nyckelharpa. We had a lot of fun recording this album and it was our first real video diary experience. The album is now pretty much out of print, but get in touch if there is something specific you’re after and we might be able to do something!

Gleowien, v. to make music, to make merry,
From A.D. 1150 to 1580 – Mayhew & Skeat

The Teaser Track:

The Video Diary:

The Track Listing:

Little William Little William
Skön Åsa / Norrahammarsvägen
The Dude Night Kiss / The Little Pard
Whist with a Twist
Follow Me Home
Time Out
Fika Valsen / Iste Viste
The Roses Three
Vintage Puget
Lord Ullin’s Daughter
The Trad II Set