Scatter Pipes – 2005

Scatterpipes – 2005

wgs324cdOur first album on the Wildgoose Label. We had a lot of fun recording this album and it was such a pleasure to get to know Doug Bailey at Wildgoose who, along with Sue have since become really good friends. The album is now pretty much out of print, but get in touch if there is something specific you’re after and we might be able to do something!

The Teaser Track? Video Diary?

This was before FaceBook and video diaries and everything! We’ll have a hunt around and see what we can come up with!

The Track Listing:

The Trad Set
The Willows / The Three Ashes
The Hare’s Lament
Scatter Pipes
Hector the Hero
The Trooper and the Maid
Cartmel Fell
The Bandit Set
The Blue Man
Seven Little Gypsies