Nameless Tune Number Four

We’ve loved all the suggestions for tune numbers 1, 2 and 3 so we’ll be putting together a shortlist very soon! In the mean time we have a fourth tune to name! Leave your ideas here, facebook, or on soundcloud!

(It’s not the real recording, this is just so you know what it sounds like).
You’ll find us running around the country this weekend:
21.06.13 – seriouskitchen** The Story Museum, Oxford
22.06.13 – alter egoing at Witley Court and Gardens
22.06.13  – seriouskitchen** at Poundarts, Corsham, Wiltshire
23.06.13 – alter egoing at Witley Court and Gardens
24.06.13 – Warwick Folk Club, Warwick
Vicki & Jonny