Were so happy to announce that Red House has finally arrived! We waited in for three days before the delivery company finally came up with the goods. (Not their fault). We love it! We love the artwork! We love the book that goes with it. We love the whole thing. We did print a few books extra just incase, so if you’re kicking yourself that you didn’t order one yet, you’re in luck, but don’t be too long, they’ll all be gone soon!

Everyone who has pre-ordered has been sent their albums, so the next job is sending it off for review and to radio stations. <bites nails>

We have lots of gigs this autumn, so check out the gig list!

If you’ve received your copy of the album, then you may find this amusing to watch. If you’ve not ordered your copy yet, then watch the video and put your order in to find out why it made us giggle.

Vicki & Jonny