Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation (2020)

An album of contra dance style music for listening and dancing

We had a wild idea that we’d like to record an album of dance music that we could sell at ceilidhs and so the idea of this contra dance music album was born. We had a few ideas that we wanted to put into place.

All gigging musicians will be familiar with the long drive home after a gig, those hours driving through the darkness, avoiding the closed roads, stopping at service stations to buy coffee to stay awake. This album is for all of us trying to stay awake on this same road – Sleep Deprivation.

This is an album of contra speed dance music all written and arranged by Jonny. There are jigs, reels, a waltz and what is fast becoming a tradition; the final chapelloise dance. Inspiration has been pulled from a wide variety of places – enough to keep the lone driver awake on the long drive home.

Whilst it has 10 tracks, it It has been designed as one long continuous track, so for this reason turn off random play and make sure your player is set not to have any gaps in-between each track.


If you’d like a preview of some of the music have a listen to the teaching videos below. Hidden in each video is a short extract from the album itself! If you’d like to play the music you can download the pdf of the dots!

Available on Digital Release:

Sleep Deprivation Print Materials

Cover Artwork 300DPI One-Sheet_PDF CD Booklet Tunes Book

The Tunes

Want to learn the tunes? This is a good place to start! To download all the dots in one pdf


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