Sleep Deprivation (2020)

An album of contra dance style music for listening and dancing

1st November 2019
We’re right in the middle of  recording a new album! We live such diverse lives as musicians and to be honest – Jonny is so creative and loves writing and recording. So I had an idea for an album. We spend a lot of time on the road and we drive many miles late at night going home. So I wanted an album that you could put on and would see you home. It made perfect sense to record a contra dance album, an album that is by and large 120 beats per minute, jam packed with variety and exactly what you would expect of a dance by the two of us. There are highs, there are lows, there are bagpipes, there is the citole, a lyre and of course lots and lots of nyckelharpa!

We have a name – Sleep Deprivation – that is to stay awake on those long drives home!

We are going to try to have the album ready for the contra dance that playing at for New Years Eve. We know we can finish recording, but mixing, mastering, artwork and replication might not be possible! If you’d like to have a sneaky look at what we’re up to I’m managing to smuggle a few bits and pieces out of the studio and into my #tunefriday nyckelharpa teaching blog (shh, don’t tell Jonny!)

We will open pre-orders closer to it being ready, but if you’re really, really keen and want to get your hands on it the moment it arrives you can pre-order now. We will have your envelope prepped up and ready and the moment it arrives – it’ll be on its way to you!

18th November
The album is now off to be mixed, sleeve notes are written.

Want to learn the tunes? This is a good place to start!