Scottish Smallpipe Course at Halsway Manor
29th November – 1st December 2013 
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Vicki Swan is a versatile piper with extensive teaching, performing and composing experience. Vicki’s research into the teaching of the Scottish Smallpipes has been made into a CDrom tutor book, so come and benefit of years of experience.  The weekend is for players of Scottish Smallpipes and will tackle piping technique, general repertoire and ensemble playing. This is mainly for Scottish Smallpipes in A. Please get in touch if you have pipes in other keys to see if you can be accommodated. The ability to read music or pick up tunes fairly quickly by ear is required.

Workshops will cover all aspects of playing the Scottish Smallpipes:
• posture • technique • bellows • British tunes • International tunes •

Visit Vicki’s website that lists all her bagpipe exploits.


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