Wimborne Mosaic Dance – The Quixo Reel


We present to you the Quixo Reel! Created for our concert slot at the Virtual Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. We enlisted the expert services of caller Bob Morgan who made a  simple Zoom-ified version of the OXO reel which Bob has called the Quixo Reel. We had such fun that we decided we should dance too and made our own little video!

These were the instructions:

Step One: Learn The Dance
We went into Zoom and created a guide video that teaches the dance. The guide video gives you two walk throughs and then the dance with music.

Step Two: Film Yourself doing the dance. 
You can use your phone to video yourself, or a camera or you can use Zoom to capture your dancing. If you’re really up for taking part but can’t figure out how to get the files to us drop us a line and we can meet in Zoom and we will take care of everything! Below is a video of just the dance (with calling and a little bit of time before we start playing so you can hit play!)

Alternative Step Two: using Zoom to film
You can actually film yourself using Zoom. The quality isn’t brilliant – but if it’s all you have, then it’s absolutely fine! I’ve made a guide to show you how to do this and how easy it is. Don’t worry about editing, I’ll take care of all of that!

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