christmasHello all!
Happy New Year to you all. It’s been a whirl-wind December, from north to south, from the Medieval to the Victorian. We’ve carolled, played tunes and extolled the virtues of the extremely versatile new-fangled keyed-fiddle from  the Northern climes in this year dated 1876.

So 2014 – what’s happening? Well. January is quiet. Mostly we’re recording a new top secret album that won’t see the light of day until next November. An album of music that we’ve become very, very well acquainted with over the last month! I’ve got audio to record for my books, an album to record ready for the celloharpa (really called an oktavharpa) and we’ve both got rather a lot of housework to do having been away from home for so long!

Our next gigs are at the end of January and the start of February. We have a last minute booking in South London at the Court Sessions Club on the 24th January – would be great to see you there! Then on the 1st February we’re at the Folk at the Riverside in Suffolk. Vicki is doing a Swedish Tune workshop. (The nyckelharpas will more than likely be there too if you fancy a go!)

Then we’re on tour for a week with seriouskitchen. We’ve got some really exciting dates all over the country. So for everyone in York, Coventry or Kettering book your tickets now! We’re really excited about all the dates, so come along!!

8th February  –  A night of music and song with Nick Hennessey at Haslingfield, Cambs
12.02.13 – The Whispering Road at Kettering Arts Centre
13.02.13 –  The Whispering Road at The Albany Theatre, Coventry
16.02.14 – The Whispering Road at the Barley Hall, York

In the meantime – Happy New Year! We’ll see you next year!
Vicki & Jonny

P.S. We were caught on camera at Salford Quays: