Time to Emerge from the cupboard

We’ve just emerged blinking and squinting into the sunlight after spending the last three weeks recording. It’s been fun, but now we’re ready to come out and play again. (Jonny hasn’t quite finished yet, I’ve locked the door and won’t let him out until he’s done!) We’ve put together a little teaser track so you can hear what we’ve been up to. (ok, so we’ve been sneaky with what is on the teaser. This album isn’t going to be released for another nine months yet.) This  album will have the first official outing for the Fnyka Ensemble, which is very exciting.

We’re off to Resonance FM for a live interview and performance tomorrow (24th January) at 2pm. So click the link and listen in! Then we’re off to The Court Sessions in SW18.

Then it’s a Burns night ceilidh, a quick trip to Sweden and back into our box again to finish anything that hasn’t quite been finished.

Then it’s an exciting troll slaying dates, including Coventry and Kettering. So pop along and see us slay some trolls!
Vicki & Jonny