I can’t believe that it’s March already! We’ve had a quiet time post Christmas, catching up on all the emails, the sleep, learning new stuff. Jonny has just completed a book for Schott – no prizes for guessing – Scandinavian Tunes for Accordion. It’s been type set at the moment, so will be out sometime in the summer. I’m now busy with my next Schott book, more about that when the collection is finished! We’re in the middle of a little seriouskitchen tour at the moment, Dorset last weekend and Devon next weekend. So join us for some troll slaying!

We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking and developing this spring and we have our first outing for a new trio coming up in April. Together with John Dipper we are Purcell’s Polyphonic Party (that might become the name of the show and we take a different name, we’re at that stage at the moment!) The best way to find out about it is to visit our new website (still under construction) and listen to our soundcloud clip (of us rehearsing really!) This is all just a sneak behind the curtain, but it’s going to be very exciting when we finally get out on tour. To get a real live sneak preview come along to the Zesty Playford Dance in Coventry on Sunday 19th April to hear us!

Next up is a brand new Swedish themed Summer show – smörgåsballad. Best visit that website too to find out about it! This starts to tour in May and we’re busy brushing up our Swedish accents. We’ve got a photoshoot for the poster this evening!

Anyway – practise beckons! I’ll try not to leave it so long before writing the next update!
Vicki (& Jonny)