We’re now half way through all our Christmas work. It’s been a hectic time running around from Worcester to Salford to the Isle of Wight. In the middle we put out a mail shot and since then we’ve been running a well trodden path to the post box each day with our Christmas album. It’s been wonderful to finally be able to sell the album having recorded it 10 months ago! It’s now getting radio play and has been voted album of the month on two radio stations.

We have the first of our Victorian Winter Warmer Concerts on Monday and we’re really excited. Finally after nearly a month of performing the songs around the country at Christmas Fayres and other Heritage sites we’ll be performing our complete show to a sold-out audience in our own home village! The publicity photos that we’re using for the show were taken at the St Barnabas Church Hall – check out the stop motion video taken by our wonderful photographer Terry.

We’re taking the show to Skirwith in Cumbria and Bretforton near Worcester. So although our Essex show is sold out, you can still catch it elsewhere in the country. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until next year when we take to as many places as we can!

So it’s all systems go, we’re up and down the country, so if we don’t get chance to say it before then.
Happy Christmas everyone!
Vicki & Jonny