Whitby was amazing! Dracula escaped once again, we’ll have to find out what happens next year! As you can see the Abbey Illuminations were amazing again! You can see those in the video below. Things are a little quieter this month meaning we should be able to start recording albums! But we are on the road and you can catch us at the following folk clubs!!
Vicki & Jonny

02.11.23 – Wrexham Folk Club, Wrexham
03.11.23 – Burton Folk Club, Burton
07.11.23 – Symmetry ECD dance
12.11.23 – Grimsby Folk Club, Grimsby
16.11.23 – Islington Folk Club, London
21.11.23 – Symmetry ECD dance
24.11.23 – Danbury Church, Essex
28.11.23 – Wurzelbush Folk Club, Rugby

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