Second Degree Finger Burn


Back at the start of July Jonny burnt his finger whilst cooking, luckily it was the back of his finger, which meant that even with a very large bandage on it we were still able to do our gigs. (Swapping out the accordion for piano for the first gig on day 6).
I (Vicki) spent a lot of time looking for images of healing burns at this time to try to figure out a time scale of healing. I found one very helpful picture and thought I should create a similar image to help other people going through what we were going through. So finally a few months later here is the image. It’s quite graphic, so if you are squeamish don’t click the thumbnail. If you’re looking for a timeline of healing though – do click to enlarge and see exactly what happened from dressing change to dressing change. I hope it helps other people looking for information!
Vicki & Jonny

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