World Nyckelharpa Day


It’s World Nyckelharpa Day this Sunday and Vicki has worked endlessly at making a load of videos. So this is her schedule for Sunday 23rd April! Each one of these is a YouTube video that premieres at the stated time, but will be up for the foreseeable. So get yourself over to YouTube and watch along at home!

06:00 – Nyckelharpa News Network – News Bulletin
09:00 – Fångset – For as many as will!
10:00 – Griffenfelt – The Spring Weekend Harpas at Halsway Group
11:30 – Kadrill Kozaken by the ‘harpas at Halsway Crew
11:45 – Start of the Global Spikens Vals videostream
12:00 – The Global Spikens Vals (edited version with added ensemble)
13:00 – Tunes and a Chat with David Chadwick and Vicki Swan (38 minutes)
14:00 – The Halsway Manor Session for World Nyckelharpa Day
15:00 – Why the Moraharpa has Hearts Eyes – Vicki Swan
16:45 – Byss-Calle 34 – Vicki Swan
21:00 – Byss-Calle 51 – Vicki Swan

However – in real life Vicki will be somewhere complete different. You can be in two places at once!!
Vicki & Jonny

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