Zoom Dance for Tenterden

Tenterden Zoom Dance!

Friday 2nd October
20:00 – 21:30

To attend the Zoom dance you need to register so that we can send you the details!
Numbers are limited so register early. We will email you to let you know we’ve received the registration.
Then we will email you closer to the date with the Zoom meeting details.
Donations to the festival (and the artist!) are welcomed.

Vicki & Jonny have spent weeks setting up Zoom sound to make it the best they can!
Their lounge is now permanently converted to a livestream studio!
Working with Rhodri Davies you’ll get a great evening of music and
specially selected dances so that you can have a fun evening with or without a partner!

Oxford Ceilidhs created a little video showing you what you can expect in a ceilidh: