Summer turned into Autumn and Autumn..

It’s been a good time here at Vicki&Jonny HQ. Lots of things are finally coming into fruition. Here’s a little list of  the projects…..

SOCP  A Sound of Christmas Past – we worked on this in January/February and although we’ve been selling it since May, we are finally approaching it’s release date. We’re celebrating with some gigs around the country of our Christmas Winter Warmer. Not our usual set list, but a very Christmassy Music Hall evening. Check out our special Christmas website for more details of how to see us be Christmassy. Also check out the webpage for the album.
ScandinavianFiddle Scandinavian Fiddle Tunes – Vicki worked on this last February/March and it’s now available! It’s a book of duets and although it’s a fiddle book, the CD is recorded by Vicki on nyckelharpa and is perfect the nyckelharpa. It’s been written out in a very clear way with simple audio so that it’s perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about playing Scandinavian tunes no matter what level the player. Check out its webpage here on our website.
754905  Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Flute – Vicki worked on this last March/April and this is now available! It’s a second edition to the fiddle book. Really it’s the same book, but perfectly arranged for the boehm system flute. The keys have been changed and altered so that it covers a large range of the instrument. No more adapting to cope with the bottom notes of the fiddle, this is the book that I wish I’d had when I was learning flute when I was younger. Check out its webpage here on our website.
WGS409CD Days ‘o Grace by Hector Gilchrist – Vicki and Jonny worked on this in July and it’s now available. This is an album of Hector singing the songs that he loves accompanied by us. It features the full range of instrumentation and lots of and lots of the newly added oktavharpa. (If you think you can hear a ‘cello – it’s not, it’s a nyckelharpa, you can hear an example on the wildgoose website, half way through this track) It was great fun and we’ll be playing for a launch event in January.
boy-in-the-clouds-cover-184x300  The Boy in the Clouds – Vicki worked on translating this during 2013 and it’s finally available. I had a lot of fun translating this wonderful children’s book.  This book takes the reader in to a wonderful new fantasy world up in the clouds. Suitable for age 10 upwards it’ll make a superb Christmas present. You can buy it from the wetfootmusic publishing website.

So as you can see we’ve had a really creative time this year, lots of things to add to the Christmas list. We’ve got some new projects lined up for next year with tours being set up. Watch this space – we’ll try to write something a bit more often!

Vicki & Jonny