Midsummer is here! The year has gone by so fast it’s unreal!

We’ve had some excellent adventures so far and have more to come!  Our biggest adventure has to be going to Moscow! Starting the Saturday of the weekend was us playing for the Dartford Spring Fayre. We often don’t get to see pictures taken of us unless we spot them on Facebook, so we were delighted to be sent a drawing of us in the park. Amazing! Thank you for sending it! We finished our lunchtime set there and headed straight off to the airport to get to Moscow!  We were there as part of Daria Kulesh’s Long Lost Home Band. Because of other

commitments we were only in Russia for the 34 hours for the concert, but we had a nice view of the city in the taxi ride home after the concert! It was an amazing experience and loved playing in the Russian band too playing Ingush music. Maybe it’ll happen again some day!

Since then our feet have barely touched the ground! We were picked up from the airport by John so we could do more recording for Purcell’s Polyphonic Party, from there straight to Chester Folk Festival, Maghull Folk Club, Red Lion Folk Club (to support and see our friends Cloudstreet), Rhyl Folk Club then up to Cumbria to rehearse as seriouskitchen.

Time to breath!

We’re hoping to have the PPP album ready for Sidmouth – but we think that we’ll be doing pre-orders there. Sometimes you can’t rush these things – but we are in the mixing stage now!

So where are we over the summer? We’ll be mixing and learning and writing music, but in between those times you’ll find us here:
01.07.17 – Bury Folk Festival – afternoon concert
01.07.17 – Kimpton Folk Festival – evening concert
07-09.07.17 – Furness Folk Festival, Furness Cumbria
28 – 30.07.17 – Festival at the Edge, Shropshire
04-11.08.17 – Sidmouth Folk Week, also as PPP

Hope to see you at one of these places. I’ll leave you with a little youtube video celebrating midsummer – playing nyckelharpa outside in the garden!
Vicki & Jonny

2 thoughts on “Happy Midsummer!

  1. Dear Vicki & Jonny,
    I have quite fallen in love with your tune, “Geordie Lad”. Me Dad was a Geordie (from West Hartlepool).
    I would like to learn it, and add it to my wood flute and tin whistle repertoire.
    Is there anywhere I might get my hands on any written notation (dots)? I have great difficulty learning by ear. I’d also like to introduce it to my session mates out here on the Central Coast of California.
    I tried this request through your other contact suggestion, but it bounced back.

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