It’s finally out in the open! Our secret mission back in October was to be Swedish musicians for Holby City! We sat and watched the episode last night and in-between the guts and gore we had a lot of fun spotting us and our dancer friends. All four of our scenes were kept and all music we recorded was used. We were very happy that Fikavalsen was kept in, especially as we’ve released it as a single! The episode will be up on BBC iPlayer for the next month, so it’s not too late to watch us! We’re also the sound track to the behind the scenes video. You get to see a bit more of what we experienced that day. We’re very happy to say that the HCnyckelharpa is now well and truly introduced to the mainstream BBC1 TV audience.

This is what we played:
Bridal March: Jämtlands  Brudmarsch
Recessional: Polska efter Byss-Calle Nr. 32
First Waltz: Fikavalsen
Dance: Härjedalsschottish

Buy the single from our website!
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It was a really fun week, especially fun as we do this for weddings anyway, just not quite so dramatically!
The BBC has a behind the scenes video – this sums up our week on Holby City to a T. 😀

We’re at the very end of the trailer:

Vicki & Jonny


2 thoughts on “Holby City

  1. Spotted you before I read this on the website.
    Best bits of a rather over-dramatised episode!

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