God Jul and Happy Christmas!


It’s been an amazing autumn and winter. We love doing our Christmas tour and we can’t believe it’s over already! We travelled the country from south to north and back again. We’ve already got some dates in for next December and will be putting together the rest of the tour early in January – so if you want us to come and give you some Christmas cheer next December drop us a line!

Although we’re not entirely revealing the story behind p04lwf4w-1releasing Fikavalsen we can reveal that it has a lot to do with the image on the right! Click the picture to go to the BBC website – and keep then watch Holby City on the evening of Tuesday 3rd December. You might just recognise a couple of musicians (and quite possibly some dancers!) We haven’t seen any of the episode, so we have no idea to what extent you’ll see us and how much music you’ll hear, but we’re hoping that Fikavalsen hasn’t been cut!
Although this tour is now finished we’ve got quite a few gigs in January and quite a few Smörgåsballads coming up to banish the winter blues. Check the gig list to see if we’re anywhere near you. As well as touring we’re going to be recording the Purcell’s Polyphonic Party Dance album and finishing the script / music for Vicki’s new nyckelharpa show.
It’s going to be a busy spring!
Vicki & Jonny

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