How did we get to June 2021?? The summer seems to be here and we can now working the summer garden office  – a permanent gazebo we installed last autumn. It seems to have taken a very long time to get to the point where it is warm enough to work in here! So it’s June! What have we got on this month? Quite a bit it turns out!

Vicki & Jonny’s Session from Studio 2 – Sunday 6th & 20th June
As part of Vicki’s new teaching website we premier a short session every fortnight for people to play along to. The dots are downloadable and there are lessons going through each tune. You have to be a subscriber to access the lessons. (At some point Vicki will officially launch this website!) The session on the 6th is slow airs, we have’t decided what it’s going to be on the 20th yet.

Symmetry ECD Zoom Dance – 10th, 13th and 29th June
We have three Symmetry Zoom dances this month. We love these dances and they’ve kept us going in these difficult times! If you like to play-along Vicki publishes the music on her website.

Friday Night Dancers (contra) – 11th June midnight!!!
We’re playing in Echo Falls, Maryland. It’s late!! Pretty much Saturday morning, but come along in Zoom anyway!

Wimborne Virtual Folk Festival Festival – 12th June
This is taking place using Streamyard and will be streamed into FaceBook and YouTube – so check out their website to see how to find the stream! We’re also premiering a mosaic dance that we’ve put together with Bob Morgan especially for the event! As a loyal reader of our news entries we’ve included a little preview of the dance at the bottom of this page. the real thing will have a walk through and lots more dancers, but this shows the fun we had making the video!

Zoom Dance with Madeleine Smith – 17th June
We’re providing the live music for Madeleine Smith in Zoom on the 17th. Get in touch for details of the link!

We hope to see you virtually at one of these events despite the summer being here!
lots of love
Vicki & Jonny

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