It’s August! This is getting to be a bit of a theme. The months seem to go past very quickly these days. We had expected a quieter July and August, but it’s not turned out that way. A few things have come our way, some we can talk about and some not! We have a few Zoom dances this month.
Symmetry, Atlanta and Whitby@Home. We love all the Zoom dances – so do come along as always we will upload the dots to the tunes that we’ll be playing!
03.08.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
09.08.21 – Atlanta Distdance Zoom Dance (midnight UK time)
21.08.21 – Whitby @ Home Folk Week – Opening Zoom ceilidh
22.08.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)

We have already pre-recorded our Zoom concert for Whitby@Home which will be aired at some point in the week. Vicki is doing a nyckelharpa concert and is going to be filming a couple of warmup videos to give your brain a musical workout. (Don’t worry – she won’t be wearing lycra for them!) We always love working with Bob Morgan for dances, Zoom or in person! We’ve now had two in person dances and they were such fun to play for!

At the last minute we are stepping in to help two colleagues and donning our medieval costumes and heading down to Dover Castle for two days over the 14th and 15th. So if you’re looking for a grand day out and find yourselves in the South East – come on down and make sure you say hello!

At the same time we’ve been fitting in recording work. We’ve recorded some special tracks for a week of CDSS choreography workshops with Scott Higgs. We’re hoping we’ll get to see the outcome of these workshops! All other recording work is strictly under wraps – but we’ll give information on that in the fullness of time!

We hope you’re all staying safe and well and hope that the trend of face to face starting up again continues!
See you all soon!
Vicki & Jonny

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