May has been and gone…

What a month we’ve had! We can’t believe that May is nearly gone! We had the wildest couple of commutes between gigs. Milton Keynes to Stockholm to Fishguard. We played for a wonderful Swedish/French wedding on the south coast, hid from some gnomes in London.. it’s been a wild and wacky month. The album is finished in terms of recording, but the mixing continues.

The Swedish Bagpipe tune book is out. It’s been printed in two keys, one for border pipes in G and one for everyone else (but is particularly superb on the nyckelharpa or fiddle. Check out its page for details.

Sweden was very special. We took The Whispering Road out and performed it to the school and then helped years 5 – 7 put on their own storytelling show. A really well motivated and wonderful bunch of children, it was a real pleasure to be there!

Things quieten down a little in June, but we’re still haring around the country!
Check out our gigs page to see if we’re near you!

More soon!
Vicki & Jonny