Sleep Deprivation – Digital Release


Sleep Deprivation – digital release!

We’re very happy to say that the album has now been released on digital media. So if CDs aren’t your thing, but spotify or even youtube are – you can now listen on digital media.

There is one quite large caveat though – this album is designed as one long track, a concept album if you like. There are track marks, so you can start from  the different tracks. But if you listen on digital media it’s possible that there will be gaps put in-between the tracks and this might make it sound a bit weird. So yes, you can listen on digital, we still think that CD is better.

Now that the album is out in digital format we’ve investigated a couple of them and it seems like Spotify is ok, but Youtube isn’t. So choose your media well! (If you find out that iTunes, Google or Amazon are ok, then drop us a line and let us know!) What’s most important to us though – is that our music is listened to, however you choose to listen!

Vicki & Jonny

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