An Invitation to Dance – Brand New Album


We have finally reached the end of the journey for our brand new album An Invitation to Dance. When we teamed up with John Dipper around two years ago to form Purcell’s Polyphonic Party we had no idea we would end up creating a danceable listenable album of Playford Dances. In fact originally PPP was a conceptual stage idea – one which we haven’t finished creating yet. We got side tracked by dance and the beauty of the music. Our next job is to complete that concept, so watch out for news of part II!

In the meantime we are launching the new album on Saturday 4th November at Coventry Zesty Playford. There are some of the dances from the album on the dance list! You can of course order the album now and it’ll be sent to you straight after the launch on Monday next week.

This week we’ve been posting up a countdown (or should it be a count up?) of instruments you can find on the album. To date we’re on Day 8 and the double bass, but there’s a few days left before we launch! So below is a playlist including the teaser video and the instruments and also some buy now buttons!

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Vicki & Jonny (and John!)

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