We can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since the last Whitby@Home. Of course we were looking forward to being able to go to Whitby Folk Week in person – but alas. Another year online it is! We have a packed schedule! So where can you find us?

Saturday 21st August
8pm-9pm – Welcome Ceilidh in Zoom caller Bob Morgan
Entry is by donation and you can register to get the link here.
If you want to play along we have published the tune list on Vicki’s teaching website.

Sunday 22nd August
3pm-4pmYouTube concert with Jim Mageean & Graeme Knights. MC Derek Schofield
This is a pre-recorded YouTube concert and will be available after the event, but if you want to come along at the time that would be brilliant. Due to the wonders of  the internet, Vicki will actually be doing some recording work for a secret project at the time!

Tuesday 24th August
8am-8.20am  – A Musical Warmup on Youtube with Vicki & Vicki
You’ll need either a beanbag, or balled up socks and a bouncy ball! (But not lycra!)

Wednesday 25th August
2pm-3pmNyckelharpa Swedish Tunes Workshop for any instrument, Zoom
It’s a nyckelharpa workshop – but the tunes chosen will be suitable for instruments such as the  simple system wooden flute or D/G melodeon. A pdf of the tunes is available from Vicki’s teaching site.

Thursday 26th August
8am-8.30amA Nyckelharpa Warm Up on YouTube with Vicki
You’ll need an instrument for this one. Done with the nyckelharpa – but suitable for any instrument!

12pm-1pm Contra Tunes in Zoom with Vicki & Jonny in Zoom
Listed as a nyckelharpa workshop, there will be nyckelharpa goodness – but it’s suitable for any vaguely chromatic instrument. (ie there is a good chance of Bbs and F naturals). A pdf of the tunes is available from Vicki’s teaching site.

We hope to see you sometime in the week!
Vicki & Jonny

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