We’re already well into week two of our Christmas tour for 2018 and we’ve been so busy I’ve only just had time to put the Christmas Boxset Deal back up! It’s altered slightly from last year as we have no Stones on the Ground left. So we added Tig! to the box set. Next year we’ll have our new album, but it’s not ready yet. So CLICK HERE to visit the box set page.

If spotify is your thing then we can do that for you! Listen away! Of course we’d love to see you at one of our live gigs, here’s what’s left:

08.12.18 – Hatfield Peverel Folk Dance Club Christmas Dance (Dance)
09.12.18 – Springthorpe Village Hall, Lincolnshire (Victorian)
12.12.18 – Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham
16.12.18 – Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society (PnM)
18.12.19 – St Barnabas Church Hall, Cressing Tye Green, Braintree (PnM) SOLD OUT!
19.12.18 – Faversham Folk Club, Faversham, Kent,Β (PnM)
20.12.18 – Topic Folk Club, Bradford
21.12.18 – The Tree House Bookshop, Kenilworth,Β (PnM)
22.12.18 – Shammick Acoustic, North Devon (Victorian)

See you soon we hope!

Vicki & Jonny


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