Happy Easter and Tune Learning Videos


Hello Everyone!
Happy Easter! We’ve had a few days at home now to recover after our incredible spring! Time to cut the grass, vacuum clean the house and even tidy up a little! But we wanted to give everyone at home something to do too! We write a lot of tunes – to be honest – we have written a shed load of tunes over the years! If you hunt round on this website you can actually find the dots to all the tunes we’ve written that are on all of our album since our SeriousKitchen days. (This is by no means the total number of tunes that we’ve written though!) Since 2015 Vicki has been releasing a tune every Friday teaching the nyckelharpa. So following in this style she’s filmed all our tunes from Twelve Months & A Day (adding the Calle Svankvist tunes for good measure). Over Easter these videos are being released, one each day into a playlist that you can find on the Twelve Months & Day page. But just for good measure – here it is. Click here for the dots!
We think it would be a good idea to start a proper blog where we teach all our tunes – so watch this space. Maybe a project for the autumn, or for the next quiet patch (which never seems to happen!)
Anyway – enjoy these tunes!

Vicki & Jonny

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