It’s July and time for me to write a new update! Time is flying – I always mean to do this at the start of the month. July started off in a frantic last minute fashion! Vicki went off to Warwick Castle for a banquet whilst Jonny went down to Halsway Manor to teach accordion. At the same time Vicki became involved in a project, details of which will come out in due course – but it has meant that our plans for a Zoom gig have been put on hold for a little while. We’re aware we’ve done a lot of dancing the last twelve months and we want to do another concert of our own. It’s coming though!

Our focus for the next week is playing for the Valhalla Viking Festival down in Basingstoke. We’re looking forward to it and we’re busy learning a few new songs that we think will go down really well! We’ll keep them under our hats until the weekend. We’re taking our covid precautions very seriously (in part due to Vicki’s ongoing work). So we will continue to be masked and distanced for the foreseeable.

So where can you see us?
06.07.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
13.07.21 – Quarter Acoustic Music Club – in Zoom
16-18.07.21 – Valhalla Viking Festival – Basingstoke
18.07.21 – Vicki & Jonny’s YouTube Session
25.07.21 – Symmetry ECD dance in USA – Zoom Dance (7pm UK time)
26.07.21 – Zoom Dance in the USA (details tbc, midnight UK time)
31.07.21 – Vicki & Jonny’s YouTube Session

Hope to see you either online or maybe in Valhalla!
Vicki & Jonny

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