Dear All!
The new album is coming! It’s been sent off to press, so we are very excited and also quite nervous. So  we have opened up for Pre-Orders!  We’ve been inspired by the cover to convert it into a bunch of little 25mm badges – so for every pre-order you’ll get a free badge thrown in! Each badge has something to do with the album, either a character or an instrument from a track. We’ve made a teaser containing a small snippet from all the tracks, if you watch it you’ll see some of the badges matched up with the tracks!

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Track Listing
1. Långsammapolskan / Andy Clarke’s / A Trip to Habertonford
2. The Gallows Tree
3. Elsy’s Waltz / Dancing Shoes / Dance All Night
4. John Lover
5. Calle’s Brudmarsch / Marsch efter Calle Svankvist / Midsommarn
6. Two Red Roses
7. Mary Free
8. Fiddling About / Grandpa Joe
9. Elegy
10. Palastinalied / Ai Vis Lo Lop
11. Folk Club Song
12. Polska efter Calle Svankvist / That Mallet Moment / Pink and the Cradle


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