Spring Cleaning…

5th May 2016

Hello all!
We’re having a bit of a spring clean here today. Jonny is busy prepping the final files to upload for the album whilst I’m doing the submission to CDbaby and of course it’s never a straight line – you start to have a tidy up of the website and instead of removing pages I’ve ended up adding pages! It was a lot of fun to watch the old Gleowien Video diary. We’ve done a few video diaries, but it’s not until many years later that I really appreciate them. It would be amazing to watch videos from the oldest albums. At least we have Gleowien and Stones on the Ground to watch.  (Although Youtube decided we didn’t own some of the tracks and we had to strip out some audio!! We decided we liked our youtube account too much to put up a fight!)
So the day is here – Paper of Pins is going off to press – we’re very, very excited!
Vicki & Jonny

Final Album Update….

21st April 2016

inside-smallHello all!
This is probably our final new album update before we go off to press and open up for pre-orders! We had the photoshoot for the alum cover last night and had lots and lots of fun! The musical instruments were definitely the stars of the show, especially the fiddle-harpa. Have a look at the little videoblog we took (and get a sneak preview of some of the final audio!) If you have a close look at the photo on the left you can see what was found inside the ‘harpa!

We’ve had a busy time with books and these are all being added to our Music Publishing website at Wetfootmusic, so swing on by and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy!
Vicki & Jonny

Happy St Patrick’s Day

17th March 2016

Happy St Patrick’s Day! We’ve got a new addition to the harpa family. Technically it is a nyckelharpa, but he’s a special little thing and only to be used for Scottish and Irish stuff, so he’s called a button-fiddle. So we recorded a little video to introduce the new fiddle. A Scottish and an Irish reel.
Vicki & Jonny

International Bagpipe Day 2016

10th March 2016

The day is finally here, It’s International Bagpipe Day! So as I’ve already shared my video of Vännens memorystickLångdans I’ve made a playlist of five of the tunes that I’ve recorded and videoed as Medeos (that’s like video, but as the ensembles are me, they’re medeos. So midday today – get outside and play your pipes!

We’ve recorded many bagpipe tunes over the years – so we’ve put together a special offer for International Bagpipe Day this year – a memory stick with all the pipe tunes recorded on it! It’s a 4GB memory stick with audio files, music dots and slow versions of quite a lot of the tunes too:

 UK  EU  Rest of World

Vicki (& Jonny)

The Cow Horn in IKEA Coventry

6th March 2016


We took a little trip to IKEA this week to see what the cow horn would sound like down in the warehouse. It turns out that it sounds awesome! We were allowed into the store before it opened and dodging the forklift trucks as they restocked the shelves we took this video.

Vicki & Jonny

Bagpipes and Beyond!

27th February 2016

International Bagpipe Day isn’t until March 10th, but this weekend it’s the Third International Bagpipe Conference, this year up n Glasgow. I’ve pre-recorded a video that I was all set to release on the 10th March, but because the conference is now I’ve decided to release it into the world early!

So here it is! Introducing the Vicki Swan Bagpipe Trio. 😀

If you’d like a copy of the dots go and visit my blogger page. You’ll find a bit more information on my bagpipes too. The great thing about releasing this tune early is that maybe people will record themselves playing it on March 10th itself! That would be amazing!
Vicki & Jonny

Chiltern Voice FM Live Interview Video

22nd February 2016

We were lucky enough to be interviewed on Chiltern Voice 87.9FM yesterday afternoon. The radio station was having a trial two week broadcast period and the wonderful George Papavgeris had his own folk show called Folk Like These. There’s no listen again facility for the show – but I snuck a little video camera into the studio and videoed our interview. I was so successful at sneaking it in that even we forgot it was there!
Vicki & Jonny

February News

4th February 2016

It’s February already! We have no idea where the time goes! We’re busy trying to finish all the little projects and get new tours booked up. The Smörgåsballad recording went well, but that is now put away until we finish Paper of Pins and that is in the wings ready as soon as we’ve finished some books. And so it goes. 🙂

But we’ve found some time to make a couple of videos. There’ll be more of these coming up in the next few months as we prepare for our visit to play for the Zorn Jury again. We found some really simple software to edit the movies together…

Then we found a lovely forest with a nice acoustic up in Cumbria so we (Vicki) decided we should do a quick “What is a kohorn” video. (It was a bit windy though).

Vicki & Jonny

January Blues

25th January 2016

We’ve been at home for a few weeks now, dusting off and packing away the Christmas set, we were delighted to be able to get out the Smörgåsballad set for a couple of gigs this month and try to banish the winter blues. We’ve also spent a few weeks recording the stories from Smörgåsballad ready to release a CD later on this year. But you’ll have to wait a little while – we have Paper of Pins to finish first!

We’re also busy with another book project for Schott (in addition to the three that we’ve already got out). It’s been a long haul on this project, but we’ll post up as soon as we have something in our hands to sell you all!

January is a a time of admin, so we’re busy putting together next December’s Christmas tour. We’ll have the fun Winter Warmer again and also a new show – more about that later on in the year! We’re also getting together another tour of Smörgåsballad. So get in touch if you’d like to see either show near you!

We’ve got a few gigs coming up whilst we’re recording and editing away, it would be lovely to see you.

29.01.16 – Royston Folk Club – support for Martin Carthy
06.02.16 – The Whispering Road** in Lytham Library – Lytham, Lancs
15.02.16 – Folk on Monday, Green Note, Camden
22.02.16 – Warwick Folk Club, Warwick

See you soon!
Vicki & Jonny

Christmas Touring

10th December 2015

We’re right in the middle of our Christmas Touring season now and it’s been great! We love putting on our shows in our own village hall and Tuesday was amazing! Thank you neighbours!

We had a great time on the Isle of Wight at the weekend, the Winter Warmer at Aspire was amazing. The rain held off at Osborne House, maybe one day we’ll get to see more of the property.

We’ve still got plenty of dates left for you to come along and join in the Christmas Cheer. So far our biggest problem has only been to try to fit our backdrop into small venues, we’ll post some video soon!
Vicki & Jonny

11.12.15 – Redwick Village Hall, South Wales
12.12.15 – Silverstreet Sessions, Wiveliscombe, Somerset
13.12.15 – Kettering Arts Centre, (matinee)
14.12.15 – Colchester Folk Club, Colchester, Essex
16.12.15 – Haverfolk, Romford, LB of Havering
17.12.15 – Wherwell Village Hall, Wherwell, Hants
18.12.15 – Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
19.12.15 – Brenzett Village Hall, Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent
20.12.15 – Forty Hall Estate, Enfield, North London , (matinee)
21.12.15 – Nailsea Folk Club, Nailsea
22.12.15 – Ringwood Folk Club, Ringwood, Southampton

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