First Carnyx Gig!

Our album is all about the weird and wonderful things we do all the year round and we’ve got two wonderfully different events coming up soon!

Jonny has his first public carnyx performance opening a Fashion and Film show in London. Rehearsals are going well! It has included Jonny making a whole new shaft for the instrument (that we affectionately call Dragonpiggy)

Vicki is performing alongside the wonderful Clare Salaman at the Camden Arts Centre for a project called Exercises in Displacement. It’ll be exciting! It’s not been written yet – so we can’t share any more than – it’s happening!

Vicki & Jonny

Elegy for Double Bass

We decided that we wanted to film a version of the original Elegy – which was written for double bass and piano. So that’s exactly what we did and here it is. If you’re a bass and want to play it you can buy the dots and a minus one mp3 of the piano, then click the button!

Vicki & Jonny

Happy Summer!

It’s been a great summer so far on the road! Gower seems a really long time ago! We’ve been all over the country since then, up to the wonderful Stealing Thunder Storytelling festival up in Cumbria and all the way across to the East in the Leigh Folk Festival. We took a few days out to visit family in Sweden and are now doing a stint at the amazing Dragon Slayer show at Warwick Castle. (You have to have a banquet ticket to be serenaded by us before the show starts).

Coming up what looked like being a quiet autumn is filling out to being just as busy. We’re at Shrewsbury Folk Festival with Purcell’s Polyphonic Party doing a lunchtime dance. We’re doing the Black Diamond Folk Club in Birmingham on the 30th. Lunchtime concert in Witham on the 4th September and end up back at Halsway Manor for the extravaganza of nyckelharpa playing.

What happens after that you’ll have to keep an eye on our social media! Instagram and FaceBook are the two places to keep an eye on!
Vicki & Jonny

Gower Folk Festival

We’ve just come back from a wonderful Gower Folk Festival! The views from the venue are incredible! We taught three tunes in the Swedish workshop on the Saturday morning and I promised I would share links to videos and dots! So here they all are! Click on the title to take you through to my tune learning blog for full details!

Hamburska efter Pehr Ericsson

Näckens Midsommar Polska

Cadrill Kozaken

Vicki & Jonny


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Arrived at #gowerfolkfest and trying out the acoustic! #folkfestival #folkmusic #kohorn #weobleycastle

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Happy Easter and Tune Learning Videos

Hello Everyone!
Happy Easter! We’ve had a few days at home now to recover after our incredible spring! Time to cut the grass, vacuum clean the house and even tidy up a little! But we wanted to give everyone at home something to do too! We write a lot of tunes – to be honest – we have written a shed load of tunes over the years! If you hunt round on this website you can actually find the dots to all the tunes we’ve written that are on all of our album since our SeriousKitchen days. (This is by no means the total number of tunes that we’ve written though!) Since 2015 Vicki has been releasing a tune every Friday teaching the nyckelharpa. So following in this style she’s filmed all our tunes from Twelve Months & A Day (adding the Calle Svankvist tunes for good measure). Over Easter these videos are being released, one each day into a playlist that you can find on the Twelve Months & Day page. But just for good measure – here it is. Click here for the dots!
We think it would be a good idea to start a proper blog where we teach all our tunes – so watch this space. Maybe a project for the autumn, or for the next quiet patch (which never seems to happen!)
Anyway – enjoy these tunes!

Vicki & Jonny

Twelve Months & A Day – iTunes

We are really please to announce that Twelve Months & A Day has now hit all good digital media! So if you are an iTunes person or a Spotify person you can listen to us in your preferred format!

We’re very excited about the album, so watch the video sleeve notes and then listen to the album in full!

Twelve Months & A Day

Dear All!
The new album is coming! It’s been sent off to press, so we are very excited and also quite nervous. So  we have opened up for Pre-Orders!  We’ve been inspired by the cover to convert it into a bunch of little 25mm badges – so for every pre-order you’ll get a free badge thrown in! Each badge has something to do with the album, either a character or an instrument from a track. We’ve made a teaser containing a small snippet from all the tracks, if you watch it you’ll see some of the badges matched up with the tracks!

To Order your CD now – click here!


Also available from:

Track Listing
1. Långsammapolskan / Andy Clarke’s / A Trip to Habertonford
2. The Gallows Tree
3. Elsy’s Waltz / Dancing Shoes / Dance All Night
4. John Lover
5. Calle’s Brudmarsch / Marsch efter Calle Svankvist / Midsommarn
6. Two Red Roses
7. Mary Free
8. Fiddling About / Grandpa Joe
9. Elegy
10. Palastinalied / Ai Vis Lo Lop
11. Folk Club Song
12. Polska efter Calle Svankvist / That Mallet Moment / Pink and the Cradle


Christmas Tour!

We’re already well into week two of our Christmas tour for 2018 and we’ve been so busy I’ve only just had time to put the Christmas Boxset Deal back up! It’s altered slightly from last year as we have no Stones on the Ground left. So we added Tig! to the box set. Next year we’ll have our new album, but it’s not ready yet. So CLICK HERE to visit the box set page.

If spotify is your thing then we can do that for you! Listen away! Of course we’d love to see you at one of our live gigs, here’s what’s left:

08.12.18 – Hatfield Peverel Folk Dance Club Christmas Dance (Dance)
09.12.18 – Springthorpe Village Hall, Lincolnshire (Victorian)
12.12.18 – Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham
16.12.18 – Stanstead Abbotts Ceilidh Society (PnM)
18.12.19 – St Barnabas Church Hall, Cressing Tye Green, Braintree (PnM) SOLD OUT!
19.12.18 – Faversham Folk Club, Faversham, Kent, (PnM)
20.12.18 – Topic Folk Club, Bradford
21.12.18 – The Tree House Bookshop, Kenilworth, (PnM)
22.12.18 – Shammick Acoustic, North Devon (Victorian)

See you soon we hope!

Vicki & Jonny


New Album Well Under Way!

We’ve had our heads down for the last month recording our little hearts out. It’s shaping up nicely.To show you a little window into our recording we’ve put together a youtube playlist of snippets of vLog. The videos aren’t really long enough to be considered a vLog, but it’s been fun to record! We’ll keep adding the snippets as we go along, (mostly via instagram!)
Vicki & Jonny

Ring Tone?

It’s been such a busy summer we’ve totally forgotten to make any blog posts here! We’ve been active on FaceBook and Instagram, so if you use either of those, make sure you follow us there!

We’ve now got our heads down recording a new album and someone suggested I create a little ringtone out of a looping video I made whilst recording. So if you right click and save to disk you will find that this file is a ringtone. I had to zip it up to upload it here. So click away and make this your new (quite annoying) ringtone!




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