February News

4th February 2016

It’s February already! We have no idea where the time goes! We’re busy trying to finish all the little projects and get new tours booked up. The Smörgåsballad recording went well, but that is now put away until we finish Paper of Pins and that is in the wings ready as soon as we’ve finished some books. And so it goes. 🙂

But we’ve found some time to make a couple of videos. There’ll be more of these coming up in the next few months as we prepare for our visit to play for the Zorn Jury again. We found some really simple software to edit the movies together…

Then we found a lovely forest with a nice acoustic up in Cumbria so we (Vicki) decided we should do a quick “What is a kohorn” video. (It was a bit windy though).

Vicki & Jonny

January Blues

25th January 2016

We’ve been at home for a few weeks now, dusting off and packing away the Christmas set, we were delighted to be able to get out the Smörgåsballad set for a couple of gigs this month and try to banish the winter blues. We’ve also spent a few weeks recording the stories from Smörgåsballad ready to release a CD later on this year. But you’ll have to wait a little while – we have Paper of Pins to finish first!

We’re also busy with another book project for Schott (in addition to the three that we’ve already got out). It’s been a long haul on this project, but we’ll post up as soon as we have something in our hands to sell you all!

January is a a time of admin, so we’re busy putting together next December’s Christmas tour. We’ll have the fun Winter Warmer again and also a new show – more about that later on in the year! We’re also getting together another tour of Smörgåsballad. So get in touch if you’d like to see either show near you!

We’ve got a few gigs coming up whilst we’re recording and editing away, it would be lovely to see you.

29.01.16 – Royston Folk Club – support for Martin Carthy
06.02.16 – The Whispering Road** in Lytham Library – Lytham, Lancs
15.02.16 – Folk on Monday, Green Note, Camden
22.02.16 – Warwick Folk Club, Warwick

See you soon!
Vicki & Jonny

Christmas Touring

10th December 2015

We’re right in the middle of our Christmas Touring season now and it’s been great! We love putting on our shows in our own village hall and Tuesday was amazing! Thank you neighbours!

We had a great time on the Isle of Wight at the weekend, the Winter Warmer at Aspire was amazing. The rain held off at Osborne House, maybe one day we’ll get to see more of the property.

We’ve still got plenty of dates left for you to come along and join in the Christmas Cheer. So far our biggest problem has only been to try to fit our backdrop into small venues, we’ll post some video soon!
Vicki & Jonny

11.12.15 – Redwick Village Hall, South Wales
12.12.15 – Silverstreet Sessions, Wiveliscombe, Somerset
13.12.15 – Kettering Arts Centre, (matinee)
14.12.15 – Colchester Folk Club, Colchester, Essex
16.12.15 – Haverfolk, Romford, LB of Havering
17.12.15 – Wherwell Village Hall, Wherwell, Hants
18.12.15 – Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
19.12.15 – Brenzett Village Hall, Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent
20.12.15 – Forty Hall Estate, Enfield, North London , (matinee)
21.12.15 – Nailsea Folk Club, Nailsea
22.12.15 – Ringwood Folk Club, Ringwood, Southampton

Christmas Box Set Deals

In preparation for Christmas we’ve set up a Box Set Special Deal Page! So if you’re looking for some Christmas presents go and visit the shop!


Our preparations are well under way for the Christmas Tour. The first date is only two weeks away! Visit the Christmas Tour website!

Vicki & Jonny

Paper of Pins – We’re in the Studio!

We’ve finally found time to get into the studio to record a new album. It’ll be out next spring, so definitely not ready in time for Christmas. We’ve been having fun though. So here are the first two video blogs. The first is from rehearsals last week and the second is from the recording this week. Video blog two is all about the music that Jonny wrote for two good friends who got married last year. Enjoy!
Vicki & Jonny

Scandinavian Tune Books

And then there were three:

The Scandinavian tune books are now available for Fiddle, Flute and Accordion. All published by Schott Music Publishing they contain not only the dots but a CD of all the music. You’ll also find a web link inside the book to extra materials from the Schott website.

752765 754905 772421-1
UK sales:
Scandinavian Fiddle Tunes - UK payment option
Price(GBP): £15.00
UK sales:
Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Flute - UK payment option
Price(GBP): £15.00
UK sales:
Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Accordion - UK Payment Option
Price(GBP): £13.99
 ••• ••• •••
Scandinavian Fiddle Tunes - overseas payment option
Price(GBP): £15.00
Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Flute - overseas payment option
Price(GBP): £15.00
Scandinavian Folk Tunes for Accordion - Overseas Payment Option
Price(GBP): £13.99

Hello Autumn

The summer has finally departed. At least in terms of gigs anyway. We spent a lot of time driving crazy journeys to different castles around the country in our alter egos. Battle, Tynemouth, Harlech, Pendennis, Old Sarum – the car racked up quite a lot of miles last month!

Then we had the amazing ‘Harpas at Halsway Nyckelharpa Festival.ShoalofHarpas A  record breaking 42 nyckelharpa players all came to my teaching weekend. I was quite moved. It’s been a long journey from when I first took up the instrument to this moments weekend. It was awesome!

So now we’re back to normal for a little while, today has been doing some house maintenance before the winter sets in. Pretty much our only free day for a few months.

We have Smörgåsballad in Ely on Wednesday, standard folk duo in Bromley Cross on Friday and a festival in Douglas in Scotland on Saturday. Then it’s Tenkterden Folk Festival, I’m back in Germany tutoring and so it goes on…. all the while we’re preparing for our new album. We’re back off into the studio at WildGoose to record in November. Jonny has been creating some amazing guide tracks to work with so watch this space!

16.09.15 – Ely Folk Club, Ely, Cambs – (Smörgåsballad)
18.09.15 – Bromley Cross Folk Club, Edgworth, Bolton
19.09.15 – Douglasdale Gaitherin, Douglas, Scotland
25.09.15 – Court Sessions, London (SW18)
02 – 04.10.15 – Tenterden Folk Festival, Tenterden, Kent

Hope to see you somewhere on the road!
Vicki & Jonny

Zorn translated

We’ve had a few comments about the google translation of our interview with the people from Zorn (mostly about the gender bits and Jonny riding his horn). So I’ve translated it here for you….

Victoria and Jonathan Dyer are full-time freelance musicians who play a lot at medieval events in different castles over the whole of England and also a little in Wales and Scotland. But it is folk music that is closest to their hearts.

At home in England Victoria plays a lot on her chromatic nyckelharpa, both English and Swedish music and she organises course on the nyckelharpa with invited tutors. In addition she plays different sorts of bagpipes, both Swedish and English and also the Scottish small pipes. None of the them are as loud as the Great Highland Bagpipe – which is more widely known by the general public, but work extremely well played along side other instruments.

Jonathan alternates between guitar, mandola, accordion, singing and piano and got a cowhorn a couple of years ago, that he has now played for the Zorn jury and received the diplom.

– It’s such an awesome sound that the cowhorn gives, says Jonathan, who in the past has played the trumpet.

With roots in Jönköping and a sister in Stockholm there are many reasons for Victoria to come to Sweden, but these have to be planned in advance to fit in with her and Jonathans playing back at home. This year they have chosen to go to the beautiful Korrö, where, parallel with the Korrö Folk Festival, performers are playing for the Zorn badge. Victoria’s performance gained her the bronze badge on her Swedish säckpipa. [bagpipes].

The awards are given out on Saturday and we will be able to hear the new riksspelmän from this week. In addition the recipients of the gold award will be revealed.

Anders Ewaldz

Whilst we were in Sweden we went to Jönköping to see family and went to the village of Taberg where Vicki played a couple of tunes at the places that they’re about – Gruvan and Toppen. Here is the video. I promised to put it on the website for the lovely couple that we keep meeting on the mountain as we were playing and videoing the tunes. (We recorded four tunes, but only two were worth putting up).

July News 2015

As always time has flown since we last wrote a blog entry. Again we’ve mostly been on the road the whole month and  I think I’ll be sharing a lot of photos today! We’ve been in and out of period costume this month, medieval and 1660s; We’ve run Smörgåsballad; we’ve been to the recording studio and we’ve been to Sweden!castaway


At the start of July we had a wonderful gig on the Norsey Island, having to wait for the causeway to clear before we could get to the venue! Watching the sunset from the awning as we played was magical. A couple of weeks later we got to see the island again, but from the air!

We’ve finally recorded the Whispering Road, after touring it for around 2 years. It was a lot of fun to be in the studio. We’ll blog more about that when it’s out!

badgeThe highlight of the month was going to Sweden to play for the Zorn Jury. Wikipedia explains much better who, what and why we played for. Vicki played on Swedish bagpipes and was awarded the bronze award and Jonny on the cowhorn and was awarded the diplom (one below bronze). You can read our interview with one of the Zorn representatives on their website. (Or a translation using google translate). We’re off to play again for the jury again next year – so you’ll probably be hearing a lot about the säckpipa (or swöö-pööps as they’re now affectionately known). We discovered the wondrous acoustic of playing in a forest, so we’ve posted a clip of Jonny’s practise below.

We’re just as busy in August, but you’ll find us generally in a castle in one of the four corners of the kingdom. Come and say hello if you see us and ask Jonny to play his favourite tune – “I’ve lost my sheep”. We’ll post some photos of castles in our next blog entry! Jonny is doing sound at Sidmouth next week, while Vicki is at home working on some more folk tune books for Schott (nothing like working to a tight deadline!) Jonny has submitted his final manuscript for an accordion version of the Scandinavian tunes book. We’ll shout when we know it’s been printed!

So many things and so little time! Enough babble for now. Have a great summer!
Vicki & Jonny


Woodland practise time #zorn

A video posted by Vix (@nyckelvix) on

Happy June!


June has just flown by! The exciting news of the moment is that we’re off to the studio! We have three albums that we need to record and we’re starting off with getting The Whispering Road onto disk. We’ll be doing a video blog from the studio, so watch this space for the fun, frolics and troll slaying as we go.

So now we our proud to open up for pre-orders!

We’re recording at the wonderful Wildgoose Studios with Doug Bailey at the helm. To get us all into the troll slaying mood (and to help offset some of the studio costs) we’re putting a performance on in the village hall in Wherwell. So come along and be part of the recording adventure! Doors open at 7:30 for performance at 8pm.

Further details are on the Wildgoose website.

Vicki  & Jonny

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